Monday, January 17, 2011

About five years ago I was kind of into role-playing. I created a group with a bunch of people on Myspace who all loved The Legend of Zelda called The Thirteen Sages. There were thirteen sages, who were the leaders, apprentices, and other followers/group members. My character was Evoku, Sage of Ice. Here is my characters story:

Name: Evoku
Domain: Snowpeak Province
Temple: Frozen Peak Temple
Temple Location: Hidden behind a huge ice covered boulder located on the peak of Snowpeak Mountain. To get inside, one must acquire two items. One to melt the ice, and one to make the hero strong enough to move the boulder.

Race: Deku
Fighting Style: Magic, Hybrid
Appearance: Small, short with a round head. He has a round mouth that juts out of his face, and yellow eyes. Wears gloves, boots, and a hat that are white-blue in color. Derived from a plant/wood race, so his body is primarily made of wood.
Weapons: Deku Nuts/seeds/sticks, Two double helix swords made of thorny vine.
Ki/Reiatsu/Chakra (etc.) Attacks: I'm not sure.
Special Abilities: Control weather, ability to control anything water-based, Can freeze things at will, Use ice to protect/trap myself and allies/opponents. Combine Ice abilities with plant abilities
Desired Rank: Wherever I belong
Any Additional Info You Feel Should Be Added: Evoku's Wrath (his dark side) is in him sonewhere, and will only come out if it is absolutely neccessary. Also, my medallion was orginally split into four pieces, so I have the ability to share my mediallion with allies, though the power will only be 1/4 of the whole power.
Intro (Optional):

*The clouds looming overhead begin to swirl around and around, merging into one. The result is a hurricane-shaped cloud, with snow falling out of the middle. The snow accumulates into a pile on the ground. After the heap of snow reaches a height of about 4 feet, it stops, and the clouds revert back to their normal state. Back to the pile, a white light begins to shine through, getting brighter and brighter, and the ground starts to rumble. Then all of sudden, something bursts out, and the snow flies in all directions. Standing in place of the mound is a small plant-like creature, no taller than 3 and half feet. The Deku, as it is called, has a round mouth that juts out of the face, and glowing yellow eyes. Wearing gloves, boots, and a hat all of a white-blue color, the creature steps forward. Holding out a hand palm up, with a white orb floating inches above, Evoku readies himself.*

Back Story:

Evoku is not the first person someone would think of as a Sage. In fact, he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. A lot happened before Evoku was created. For instance, His land was considered one the most people on Earth, and his people one of the most peaceful of races. Until, an evil spell was cast upon their land. An evil ruler came and promised to slash and burn this society to the ground. This Evil Ruler, whose name is known by no one but himself and his apprentice, was much too powerful for anyone to fight alone.

The Sage of Ice never related to one specific person. But it was actually four. It was four people, because the Medallion of Ice was split onto four pieces: One for each cardinal drection. The four original holders of The Medallion shards were told that they could not be removed from their respective locations. The four holders: Zayen, Omicron, Theta, and Samekh, were chosen by the ancient Goddess Farore, who decided that these four Deku would be the peaceholders of their world. Each holder had to move to the region assigned to them. Zayen moved North to where the mountains lay. Omicron went South and lived by the oceans. Theta traveled West where the Great Ruto Lake lies. The Great Ruto Lake was named in honor of the ancient Water Sage who brought peace to the land. Finally, Samekh moved East, to the chilly plains, where the Royal Deku Family resides. The Deku village was positoned right in the middle, and the guardians were to watch over and protect the society. Each guardian was given a quarter of the medallion to hold and to use when needed.

According to legend, the Medallion can only be brought together if the land is in danger of being destroyed for good. Well, the Unnamed Ruler planned to do just that. He planned to turn every one of the peaceful Deku into Cold-hearted, disgusting creatures. After each leader has his/her shot and trumping the Dark Ruler, they had no option but to come together as one. This power was so legendary not even the guardians knew what to expect. When the time came, the leaders set out the meet in the center of the village, where the symbol of the Goddess Farore lays on a stone slab. With each holder laying a foot on the symbol, they joined medallion shards. At this moment the guardians were thrown back by the power they now possess. They began to merge into one, just like the medallion. Now the Ice Medallion can show it's true power! As they stand waiting, the Dark Ruler swoops down and lands directly on Farore's symbol, cracking it. He and the newly developed Sage of Ice battle each other in what seems like a never ending battle. After days of fighting, the Unnamed and the Sage both lay on the ground, gasping for breath. With his finals words, the Dark Lord shoots a dark beam at the Sage, and at the same moment the Sage shoots a beam of Sub-zero Ice at the Dark One, trying to finish each other off. After a few seconds, the beams collide, and because of all of the power harnessed in these two beams, they explode on impact, killing both the Dark Ruler, and the Sage.

The villagers slowly made their way back to their homes after they noticed the fighting had silenced. What they found when they arrived was Farore's Spirit, waiting on her now cracked pedastal. When all of the Deku returned, she explained what happened to the four guardians and how the Medallion had merged into one. She realized the land had to have a new guardian...but it had to be someone who would have no recollection of these events, someone who would oly hear of them in legend. Coincidentley, one of the villagers was getting ready to spawn at that time, and Faroro decided that her baby was to be the newly elected guardian of the Deku. It was perfect. It would be someone fresh, with no memory or idea of what happened in these past nights. Yes. This baby would grow up to be the right choice, Farore knew it. The mother of the child came to a decision on the child's name. Evoku. Because he would evolve into a wonderful leader, protecting and keeping peace in the land, and she wanted his name to remind him of what he truly is, a Deku.

So Evoku would grow up to become the sole Sage of Ice, and only he has the power to split up the Ice Medallion. He possessess the power of all four of the original guardians, and he will have to learn how to control that power as he matures.

tl;dr I was about 14 when I wrote this.


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